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Please feel free to email or call us today for all of your cruise travel needs. Remember to let us know which cruise you would like to attend and we’ll take it from there! You’re important to us and that’s why we say…  Don’t “Miss the Boat”! Call ETA today for an experience of a life time!

Telephone: 615-356-0702

Fax: 615-356-0702

Postal Address:
505 Jocelyn Hollow Court
Nashville, TN 37205 USA

DIRECT EMAILS FOR YOUR NEEDS: Please click on the desired email.

FOR ALL RESERVATIONS:  Contact Tami Newton (Operations Director) using the form below. Her direct email is etatami@comcast.net

FOR MARKETING AND BIKE REGISTRATIONS:  Contact Traci Eells (Marketing & Registration Director) using the form below. Her direct email is etatraci-eells@comcast.net

WANT TO CONTACT STEVE WALLACH:  Contact Steve Wallach (President) using the form below. His direct email is eta@mindspring.com


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