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Corporate Events

From a group of 16 to 3000+, ETA will design an incredible cruise event to meet your specific needs and requirements. Customized brochures, private receptions and so much more will be available to suit your needs. Incredible designs! Need meeting space? No problem. Showcases? No problem. Positive Networking!

Advantages of a Corporate Cruise Event:

  • Motivational impact of a new and exciting experience
  • Self-contained environment
  • Virtually all-inclusive
  • Highly personalized service
  • Multiple destinations, minimal travel hassle
  • Pleasures of a resort. Adventure of foreign travel
  • Ample menu choices, all meals included, 24 hr. room service
  • Built-in activities and entertainment
  • Perceived high value
  • Less expensive than most land resorts

Seminars at Sea

From Board Meetings to Workshops to Presentations with the Ocean as your backdrop. Positive Networking. A motivational tool to increase sales, service, or productivity. Especially effective because it’s a different, desirable destination. Over 90% of your people have never cruised before.


With capacity for up to 3,000 people, a ship is a convenient, self-contained venue that can increase attendance, control costs, provide spouse and youth activities, entertainment and gambling in a controlled setting, while meeting all of your business objectives.

“Floating Hotels”

If there’s a shortage of hotel space for a city-wide convention in a port city, consider docking a cruise ship there as a hotel to accommodate your overflow. You’ll get instant housing and lots of publicity. Incredible amenities!

Board Meetings

If your challenge is finding a new and different venue to stimulate creative thinking, innovate by choosing a cruise. Today’s ships have conference rooms, abundant personal service, gourmet dining and a variety of things to do — all under one roof.

Customer Appreciation

Sharing a cruise experience enhances relationships and provides a productive setting in which to imagine future business opportunities together. End result, customer loyalty.

New Product Launch

Increase advertising sales with a cruise for top customers or salespeople. Staging your event on a ship will attract strong attention and attendance.

Executive Retreats

Ship out if you really want to get away from it all, without leaving the comforts behind.

Recognition Programs

Reward employees, distributors, customers for outstanding accomplishment.

Personal Design

ETA has Created Legends for others… let ETA Create a Legend for you.