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Hurricane Irma Update – 9/7/17 -1545hrs

There has been extensive damage to many areas throughout the Caribbean, especially to our friends in St Maarten & St Thomas. Until we hear from the cruise lines regarding any itinerary changes for future dates, the itineraries listed for each date will stay the same. We anticipate that some itineraries will change due to the readiness of some of the ports but can assure you that ETA is in full communication with the cruise lines and ports directly.

St. Maarten sustained extensive and severe damage both on the Dutch & French sides of the island. The SXM Airport is closed due to a direct hit on their terminals as well as the airfield areas. As of today, the airport is still closed until further notice. Emergency airships will soon have access for supplies and medical. The Port of St Maarten sustained extensive damage to both their cruise piers and cargo piers including severe damage to the many store and structures on the port itself. At this time the Port is not open but they are working to get things going so that boats/barges/ships can deliver the needed supplies that the island will desperately need. Curfews throughout the island and both governments have brought out their respected army personnel to assist police due to looting as such. Superbike HD was completely destroyed. It is now only 6 feet tall in its tallest spot. Tremendous loss but Fadi, Bruno & Staff are ok. Jane, President of Caribbean Eagles St Maarten and Bruno are fine. They did sustain damage to their home property but they are ok. Unfortunately, the Caribbean Eagles Clubhouse was also hit hard. The roof, flooding, side stage/roof completely damaged. The structure of the building has cracks and will need to be rebuilt in many areas. ETA hs started a GoFundMe for the Caribbean Eagles St Maarten. The link is located below.

St. Thomas sustained damage throughout the island as well. Reports as of today were sketchy but we have spoken to some and they are ok just in need of supplies. Their airport did not sustain heavy damage but as of today, it was still closed. Havensight has serious flooding throughout as did down town Charlotte Amailie. Have no information on Crown Bay Port.

ETA has established a GoFundMe Account for the Caribbean Eagles. Any donation mae will be greatly appreciated. See the full story on the GoFundMe Page.

The link is: https://www.gofundme.com/etacaribbean-eagles-of-st-maarten

Thank you and to all….. stay safe! Prayers to All!